Members Boats

Jet Set Restore

Mark is restoring this glass boat from the 1980’s. Ford 4.1 and Hamilton Jet

Hamilton 132a

Hamilton 132a Alloy Lexus 4.0 V8 Hamilton HJ212 Jet Unit

Hamilton J73

Hamilton J73 Hamilton 3 Stage 773 Jet Ford 351 5.8l V8

Baby Budda 2.77m

Ali Oz 2.77m All alloy custom hull 10mm delta Engine OMC Turbo Jet boat 1.6l V4 Jet Unit OMC Single Stage

Ali OZ Ski Boat

Ali Oz Ski Boat 5.4m Made in Australia Engine Lexus 260hp V8 Jet Unit Scott 8.5″ Single Stage

Rivercraft 4500

Rivercraft Alloy 4.6m Engine Chevrolet LS1 5.7l 255kW V8 Jet Unit Kodiak 3 Stage 773

Scott 445

Scott Jet 4.45 Alloy HSV LS2 V8 307kw Scott Jet 852 8.5″ JetĀ  Unit Custom alloy trailer

Export Model 4.6

River Craft Sportsman Boat 2 Engine Toyota V8 4L Hamilton Jet HJ212 As owned and driven by “Boofy”