Rivercraft 5.4m

River Craft 2007 model Length 5.4 m Engine lexus V8 4L Jet Hamilton 753 Interior Made by Lewis boats WOT 4600 rpm Speed 76 km


Export Model 4.6

River Craft Sportsman Boat 2 Engine Toyota V8 4L Hamilton Jet HJ212 As owned and driven by “Boofy”


Hamilton 151

Hamilton Jet 151 Alloy 383ci 6.3l V8 212 8.25″ jet unit with turbo blade


Rivercraft Sportsman 4600 Custom

Rivercraft Custom Alloy UHMW bottom section “Adventure Boat” Lexus 4.0V8 Supercharged @ 5.5psi Owned the infamous “Steelo” Hamilton 212 Jet Unit


Phill-on Marine 5.3

Phill-on Marine 5.3m Custom Alloy Jet with Supercharged Toyota V8 Scott Jnr 2 Stage Jet


HJ53 Classic Jet

Hamilton Jet 53 Glass boat Deep V reinforced hull, Circa 1980’s V8 3 stage Hamilton Jet


HJ52 Classic Jet

Hamilton Jet 52 Glass boat Shallow V reinforced hull, Circa 1980’s Chrysler Hemi V8 3 stage Hamilton Jet


J53 Classic

Hamilton Jet 53 circa 1970’s Purchased Auckland NZ 2008 Chev Gen 4 Ls1 5.7 l Hamilton 753 Jet


Custom Alloy Bowrider

Rivercraft 5.3 Bowrider Porto Fino Stern Based on the Sportsman Design – tough build with full welded chines, 10mm delta pad Chev C.O.M.E. Racing 383ci V8 Hamilton 212 2.4kw turbo Jet unit Custom Alloy Trailer, built by Rivercraft – towed by Datsun!