Lobster Beach Winter Solstice

Winter Poker Run (not) 2010

Lobster and Pearl Beach winter Solstice Run

Some boat maitenance issues meant that we spent the morning repairing Phil's (Goose) steering, replacing the entire cable system. The Poker run was therefore replaced in favour of a very relaxing day on the water in pristine conditions. 12 members turned up for a glorious winter run, a "soltice winter run". Something I will be sure to add to the calender next year! We boated the Hawesbury River out to Broken Bay in near flat conditions. Dropping in at Pearl Beach to stock up on coffees and shooting across to Lobster Beach to let the kids run free and adults to enjoy the piping hot beverages, snacks and good company, something our club is built on. Before returning top the ramp we ventured up Mooney Mooney is glassy conditions to the suspension bridge.

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