Adding a Trip Report or Members Boat

How to add a Trip Report or Members Boat to the website

–> Select Submit Report / Boat from the Admin Drop Down Menu.

–> Enter the title and type (or paste from notepad) directly into the editor as required.

Note: Do not copy and paste content from Microsoft Word (MS Word is not designed for website use. You will copy inconsistent formatting which will make the website look unprofessional and harm your search engine ranking.) If your content is in Word format copy and paste it into notepad, then copy and paste it into the website editor from there. Notepad strips any unwanted formatting from the text.

–> Below the editor select from the following options:

Section: Members Boats or Trip Reports

Category: Members Boats or Trip Reports

Published: Yes or No (you can work on an article in advance and publish it when your ready. It will be on the website put not viewable to the public)

Show on Front Page: No

Author Alias: Not required.

Start Publishing: Set your start publishing date if required. (leave blank to publish now!)

Finish Publishing: Set your finish publishing date if required. (leave blank if finish date not required)

Access Level: Leave set to Public.

Ordering: New Article defaults to the first position. Ordering can be changed after this Article has been saved.

Metadata Description and Keywords: Improve your sites search engine ranking with these.


–> Adding images / video to each article

Use gallery tags as below to place images in your article (create directory and upload images using your ftp client)

Use youtube tags and youtube video code to place video in your article

Click save to complete your work.